Scope Alert Box (Vertical)

Practice your aim with these Scope-inspired alerts
Are you the sharpest shooter this side of the streaming world? Show off your perfect aim with these animated stream alerts inspired by the game Scope. Featuring gun scope inspired graphics and distressed textures, bring FPS flair to your next stream.
  • Fully customizable, including fonts, timing and variation. Click on "Customize" to use our Widget Designer, and make it your own.

  • All major events are supported: Follow, Subscribe, Cheer, Tip and more

  • Less than 5 minutes of setup and you're done

  • 100% FREE forever

  • Supports Twitch, Youtube, Facebook and Trovo

What is Scope?
SCOPE is a 2 to 4 player game, set in the Battle of Stalingrad, where players take on the role of sniper teams on both sides. The objective of the game is to eliminate the enemy snipers or enemy troops for a total value of points depending on the scenario being played.

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