HypeType Alert Box

A Splash of Animated Letters for Your Alerts!
Welcome to HypeType Alert, the free custom widget that's here to make your audience shout-outs feel like a fun fair, but without the sticky candy floss aftermath!
  • Easy-Peasy Customization: HypeType Alert lets you change your alert's fonts, colors, animations, and layout. It's like choosing toppings for your pizza - all the control is in your hands, but minus the greasy fingers!


  • Animating One Letter at a Time: Our 5 distinct animation styles you can select from the "add element" menu, bring each letter to life! It's like a Broadway show for your text - but don't worry, no letters were harmed in the making of these animations.


  • No Cost, Just Fun: And the best part? All this fun comes at the unbeatable price of absolutely free. Now that's cheaper than your morning cup of coffee!


With HypeType Alert, every shout-out becomes an entertaining highlight of your stream, making your audience feel like they've just won "viewer of the year"!


HypeType Alert - Making shout-outs more fun than finding money in your old jeans. Start your HypeType journey today!


Are you interested in developing custom widgets like this? Check out these sample github projects. If you feel like you're looking for more in-depth explanation - our documentation is there to guide you!

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