Countdown Timer

Flip the Pages of Time: A Dynamic Countdown Widget for Streamers"
What's this thing?

Say hello to "Flip the Pages of Time"! It's a neat little countdown timer widget you can stick on your streaming overlay. It's a great way to add some pizzazz to your stream and keep your viewers engaged.

Make it yours!

The best part about this widget? You can tweak it till it's just right for you. Mess around with the size, change up the colors, set the time — it's all in your hands.

  • To change the time, just click the background layer and look for the "animated timer" field. Punch in the time you want, and you're all set.


  • To change the color or the design, click any element on the screen. Fiddle around with its properties until it looks just how you want it to.

Dive Into the Code

Intrigued by the mechanics behind this widget? We've opened up the hood for you to take a look. Check out our GitHub projects here and see how the magic happens. If you're up for the challenge, you might even craft something similar yourself!


Need more info? If you want to learn even more about the ins and outs of our SDK, we've got some detailed documentation waiting for you here.


So go ahead, add "Flip the Pages of Time" to your streaming overlay and give your viewers a countdown to look forward to!