Twitch Charity Donation - No Container

Show your appreciation to your charity donors
Fundraising for charities that you care about with your community is a great way to give back and get involved. If you want to learn some tips for charity streaming, check out Twitch Creator Camp’s Charity Streaming article.

One of the best ways to raise money without unintentionally misleading your viewers is to use Twitch's Charity tool. That way, contributions from your viewers go directly to charities, and you don’t have to be the middle-person. This helps to reduce risk of viewer confusion, avoids potentially burdensome legal requirements and restrictions in some places, and simplifies the transaction from all sides. Charitable fundraising platforms can help you create campaigns, track goals, and give donors tax deductible receipts.

This Alert Box is fully customizable. You can practically change everything to fit your own brand and favorite charity.

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