Pixel Art - Alert Box (No Container)

Want to update your stream to a new design, to give an homage to the classics?
Check out this pixel-art theme that brings your community right back to the old school 8-bit RPGs! This theme package is perfect for any streamer who dabbles in retro games, RPG’s, or just has good taste! If you’re interested in changing up your stream with this colorful set of streaming assets.
Check out what this 100% FREE theme includes:

- 5 complete scenes: Starting Soon, BRB, Stream Ended, Chatting scene

- Modular and customizable Gaming scene

- Customizable animated alert

- Themed chat box

- Set of labels: latest subscriber, latest follower, latest tipper, latest cheer

- Supports Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Trovo

What are you waiting for? A sword because it’s dangerous? You don’t need it because you’ve got this awesome theme, and you’re not alone!

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