Holiday Spirit Alert Box

Spread Some Holiday Cheer
Hey there, streamers! The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to get in the spirit than with our Holiday Spirit Theme Overlay?

This overlay will give your live streaming content a festive makeover with its cheerful graphics and vibrant colors. Whether you're streaming holiday-themed games, doing a special holiday Q&A, or just want to spread some holiday cheer to your viewers, this overlay is the perfect addition to your stream. So get ready to sleigh your streaming game and give your viewers the gift of a holiday-inspired stream with our Holiday Spirit Theme Overlay!

  • Fully customizable, including fonts, timing and variation. Click on "Customize" to use our Widget Designer, and make it your own.

  • Less than 5 minutes of setup and you're done

  • 100% FREE forever

  • Supports Twitch, Youtube, Facebook and Trovo

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