Fourthwall Merch Rotator

Showcase your awesome merch on screen!
your merch sales effortlessly with our Fourthwall merch rotator widget! Designed to showcase your top-selling items, this widget appears on your screen every few minutes, grabbing your viewers' attention with a rotating display of your coolest merch. From t-shirts and hoodies to mugs and stickers, highlight your unique creations and make it easy for your fans to see what's available.
the widget is a breeze, allowing you to adjust the appearance and timing to suit your stream's style and pace. Whether you want it to pop up frequently or only occasionally, the settings are fully customizable to ensure a seamless integration into your content. This way, your merch gets the spotlight without interrupting the flow of your stream.
Connecting your Fourthwall store to StreamElements is quick and simple. Just head over to your StreamElements Dashboard to link your store and start showcasing your products. With this powerful widget, turning your stream into a dynamic merch showcase has never been easier, helping you engage your audience and boost your sales in style.