Cooking Alert Box - Horizontal

Listen cousin, we know you have been DYING to get into the kitchen and try to become the next chef at The Beef. Did you want to try out doing a cooking stream to practice? Or, did you take a sponsorship with HelloFresh and need a dope theme for your sponsored cooking stream to really get your viewers in the mood to subscribe? This theme is perfect for showing off all of the delicious and delightful dishes you'll be cooking up on stream!
This FREE theme includes:

- Five Scenes: Starting Soon, BRB, Stream Ended, Gameplay and Chatting

- Customizable Gaming Scene

- Customizable Animated Alerts (with vegetarian options!)

- Themed Chat Box

- Set of Labels

- Multi-Platform Support

If you think you can handle the heat in the kitchen, then apply this theme to your stream, sharpen those knives, and get to cooking and streaming!

The Full Package

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